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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

“When I Found, Fell in Love and Submitted”


  Talha Faiyazuddin....... Student MBBS

On a bench, by the side of a lake with my eye balls rolling in all possible directions, I found the love of my life. The sun was rising; the world of my side was getting lit and also was my brain and heart. After a night of darkness and loneliness, at last there was the time of illumination.

The largest object, full of energy which one can see every day, the sun with its heat and brightness, brought another day. There are mobile energy generators of different companies, moving on four wheels and providing electricity of 1000 of watts to people. But, this sun had no wheels or any stand supporting it; it was just there every day with its own. I could not think of any ‘Co. Ltd’ or ‘Bros.’, which could have made the sun.  

There were clouds floating in the sky, carrying a form of water to rain at places, taking shapes one can imagine. Though there are water tankers carrying 5000 liters of water throughout the city, it is only the clouds which could bring life to the dead soil, and make the trees look rejuvenated. I could not think of any ‘Co. Ltd’ or ‘Bros.’, which could have manufactured them on demand.
Leaving the ornaments, when I tried to look behind them into the blue background, the eyes could not reach the end (even the telescopes haven’t). I was looking for a defect in the curtain, the sky, to know what is beyond, in every attempt my sight returned worn out and frustrated. The sky was entirely perfect, high without any pillars.

It was quite some time looking up and by now my neck was aching, so I started seeing around myself. There were trees of different species; each one a different model, giving flowers and fruits of different colors. We were taught in school the process of photosynthesis taking place in the leaves. It would take in CO2 and give O2 in abundance. There are hospitals charging a lot on O2 now-a-days. But for this abundant oxygen for free, someone needed to be thanked a lot. Again, was there any ‘Co. Ltd’ or ‘Bros.’ for trees? Surely not, but they were there for cutting them.
There is water, consisting of Oxygen and Hydrogen, one element burns and the other helps in burning, but on the whole H2O extinguishes fire. It is really amazing. But its quality of quenching thirst is even more amazing, no juice or soft drink can ever replace it.

I could think of hundreds of species of animals, of various size and characteristics, taught in zoology. Though thousands of species have been discovered, scientists still believe a lot has to be discovered.
Being taught the human anatomy and physiology recently, I could think of the beautiful arrangement of different organs and the strangely complicated but precise functioning of different organs. Each differentiated cell of the body had something new to tell.

With the list increasing with newer things, the same old question would rise again and again. Who could be the Maker of all this?

It is in the human nature of becoming a fan, that first it loves the art and then the artist. Following the rule, I was awestruck with the magnificence of the objects on which I put my sight. Now I was searching for the Magnificent behind all the Creation and its maintenance. Is He like a human? No, it could not be, as human cannot use their brain enough to think the exact structure and functioning, how could that brain even think of making it. How is He? He has to be something greater than all of this. He has to be more beautiful than all, not at all similar to anything we can imagine.

Nothing was in front of my eyes, but there had to be a way to know the Magnificent and the Great Creator. Had this Creator provided a source to know Him, I was thinking, and at that moment I saw ants passing by my side into their home carrying particles of their food. It suddenly struck to me, Yes! When these little creatures are provided with all they need, the guidance to the Great Creator which I needed might also be provided. It was surely there, the only thing left to do was to believe in it. The creation itself was the first sign defining His excellence and greatness, and next His word sent to humanity in different times.

After pondering on the universe for this time, I could tell that the Creator is much greater than all this. I did not see the Creator, but I found the Creator. The least I could do was to Proclaim His Greatness (AllahuAkbar), Prostrate before Him and Submit myself to His directions. :’) . And this gave me the name Muslim (The One who submitted his Will to the Creator, Allah)!! The recognition of the Creator and the decision to live as He wants this life to be, gives the serenity nothing else in the world could provide. It gives the feeling of singing along with the birds, swirling along with the winds, and freshness like the water waves.
Hurry, and get this for your life too, as this offer is only till you live!