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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

“When I Found, Fell in Love and Submitted”


  Talha Faiyazuddin....... Student MBBS

On a bench, by the side of a lake with my eye balls rolling in all possible directions, I found the love of my life. The sun was rising; the world of my side was getting lit and also was my brain and heart. After a night of darkness and loneliness, at last there was the time of illumination.

The largest object, full of energy which one can see every day, the sun with its heat and brightness, brought another day. There are mobile energy generators of different companies, moving on four wheels and providing electricity of 1000 of watts to people. But, this sun had no wheels or any stand supporting it; it was just there every day with its own. I could not think of any ‘Co. Ltd’ or ‘Bros.’, which could have made the sun.  

There were clouds floating in the sky, carrying a form of water to rain at places, taking shapes one can imagine. Though there are water tankers carrying 5000 liters of water throughout the city, it is only the clouds which could bring life to the dead soil, and make the trees look rejuvenated. I could not think of any ‘Co. Ltd’ or ‘Bros.’, which could have manufactured them on demand.
Leaving the ornaments, when I tried to look behind them into the blue background, the eyes could not reach the end (even the telescopes haven’t). I was looking for a defect in the curtain, the sky, to know what is beyond, in every attempt my sight returned worn out and frustrated. The sky was entirely perfect, high without any pillars.

Friday, November 15, 2013

True Path Towards Salvation

Dear Readers,

    Those who believe that we have been created by a creator always try to ponder how to achieve true salvation, some follow human words and think that this being or that being can lead us to salvation but when we confront them and ask can you please give us clear proofs they ask us to blindly  follow their words. 

    Some others just show some tricks and try to fool the gullible public to believe that they can lead them to salvation but a serious seeker of truth will never come in there trap.


  Now the big question is how to find the true path, If we are really serious and willing to  do all the sincere efforts to find it ,such determination if it exist then finding the true path is not at all difficult.

  First if we look at the religious heads they can only be followed if they really show concrete proof , alas they run away once we question them or they are shy to admit that they are just following say Paul or this or that man. 

 If we turn towards divine guidance then a ray of hope comes and we turn towards them ,

First lets analyse Bible .. No doubt it is a revelation from Almighty Creator but later generations not only played with the text they also interpolated and added new text in it making it a error prone revelation.

Read about it from this pdf which can be downloaded from this link

If we move towards the Qur'an which claims to be the final revelation,

It starts with verses which shows how a creation is supposed to ask from the creator and what is the biggest need of a human it is the right path,once the prayer in chapter one completes the straight path asked in the first chapter is answered by beginning with this is a book which has got no doubt and this unique statement cannot be shown in any other book other than the Qur'an.

The above statement is not the only distinct one,  Qur'an  challenges the readers to show any contradiction in the whole Qur'an ,it also asks the whole humanity to come together an make 10 chapters like them and at one place it asks to make atleast one chapter like it,and it declares that Humans cannot create a single chapter even the smallest chapter similar to the chapter of the Qur'an.

Leave alone theses challenges the path Qur'an shows is so clear that it mentions the purpose of Man's Creation and declares that it is to see who does the best of deeds (chapter 67 verse 2).

It connects all the puzzles of human life and gives in a clear picture of life from birth to death, it declares that 

"Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden, will have indeed attained the real success " (3:185)
Lets come and explore this divine revelation and lets crack the Puzzle of Life.

Please read the Quran Translation and commentary at the below link

Please download this book to understand Islam

May Almighty Creator lead us to the right path .... Ameen

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