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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The innocence of Muslims

Dear Reader,

The recent film by a fanatic to incite hatred and anger in the Muslim world by depicting the Highest Personality in Islam Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as the target is gross ignorance of the makers and there promoters.

First thing is Islam is not a religion it is a way of life introduced by Adam the first man and the first prophet on the face of earth....similarly many prophets came to preach the same message until the last prophet Muhammed PBUH came as the seal of the Prophets.

Muslims never use there freedom of speech to ridicule these great figures be it Moses ,Jesus or Abraham may peace be on all of them as they are more dearer to them than there own parents and loved ones.
Imagine if someone speaks bad about your parents how do you feel will not shower flowers on those who abuse your loved ones .... I disagree with those who kill innocents but I at the same time ask those who are sowing this hatred that they will fall in the same pit which they are digging for others.

Instead of blindly judging by reading from the media please get the authentic sources and do a study to decide who is on the true side.

To judge a religion do not look at the followers judge it by the teachings and the character of the one who brought this message.The message's first source is Quran the divine book which challenges its readers to bring similar verses like Quran or show any contradictions in the Quran ,I request the readers to read it with unbiased mind.

One link to read the commentary of Quran is here


Second Source is Reading the biography of the Greatest Prophet on the face of this Earth who sacrificed his wealth,health,family and everything to spread the message of Islam.

Read about him on these sites



more resources here

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