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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Egypt Crisis a Blot on Human Rights Activist

As tragedy is occupying day by day in many Egyptian homes with Egyptian Military in the garb of protectors of Civilians is trying hard to gain back the lost power which it kept holding for so many decades the World is mostly silent with few voices in favor of those who are fighting for legitimacy of there right to freedom..

   The most cruel part of this present crisis is on one hand we have USA the champion of Human Rights which not only kept a sinful silence but from back door it provided the much needed help to dethrone a civilian government and kept its hypocritic policy of supporting the tyrants. One the other hand we have the Arab World (Except Qatar) which is providing the much needed cash to carry on the Murder of the innocents.

Sooner or later the People will win insha Allah how hard the West and its faithful try to fool the public by using propaganda war.