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Monday, February 18, 2013

Israel the only democracy with Suppressed Voices

Israel is back in News again for wrong reasons as usual.. this time for killing its own agent who worked for the most unethical organization on face of this earth called Mossad.

The sin of the agent was He was going to expose the dirty games of Mossad.

We see the Israel and USA teach lessons everyday to the Arab world to open up its media and   allow  people to voice there opinions,their throats go dry barking a lot about freedom of speech but this same Israel sits cool on a big episode like killing there own people in the name of protecting the state of Israel.

The so called independent state of Israel built on grabbed land of Palestinians feel that the Jewish world is still in a position to do what it wants but we should be reminded that world has changed a lot one indication of which is Israel and its unethical big brother Uncle Sam got a humiliating defeat in UNESCO vote on palestine observer state.

Even when you see the Google News page you will find that any news which Israel wants to supress is cooly hidden from public arena and news which hardly impacts others is put on Zygier's murder has been hidden and murder of a sportsman girlfriend is the top news.

Eitan Cabel (Labor) said the following words “The current episode should lead to a shake-up in all the branches of the security establishment,” he said. “When it comes to anything to do with media, [the attempt to suppress coverage] shows conservatism or ignorance or both. Perhaps our boys haven’t noticed but the world has changed.”

TOI reports this

"The Mossad chief passionately urged media outlets not to report details of the 'Foreign Correspondent' programme, saying it would deeply embarrass the security services.

One Editor  complained that for too long gag orders had frustrated the healthy functioning of the press, and a review was needed to take account of changes in the media landscape.

"One editor accused the Mossad chief of 'treating the Israeli public like fools'.

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Wake up ... this changed world of FB,twitter,blogs etc Israel has to turn upside down to show one face as only democracy (Egypt has become democratic) while on the other hand it carries on killing,bombing and all sorts of unethical  dirty acts to save the special state called Israel.....

Read this Below Article to know whether Israel really loves democracy ?

News on Zygier at the following link,