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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ah.....Innocent Children of Syria .....Alas there is no OIL to save You

The recent Massacre of Syria  BBC-ChildrenMassacre on 26-May-2012 adds to the body pileup of more than ten thousand civilians killed in the Syrian Revolt and the count is going on.
What makes my heart bleed is the latest video and pictures of the victims who can neither be declared terrorist (as most of them are in the age group of 5 to 10 years) nor can they be declared as arsonist.

         It is a clear case of cold blooded murder done by a regime whose days are numbered as when oppression and cruelty reaches it peak they are bound to drown as what history has proved be it Pharaoh or be it modern day Mubarak and  Assad will be no exception inshAllah(If Allah wills).
What makes me feel really helpless it the cold response and eye wash by the Western Politicians and Media who are clearly playing a game which is more of Lip Service and mere statements as compared to concrete actions.The BIG reason being poor Syrian children cannot be saved because there is no OIL factor or any immediate gain from the conflict for those who cry Human Rights. We saw that Libya got world outcry as its stories and latest updates were continuously being aired and printed and World Leaders were releasing there statements regularly and there were boots on Libyan Soil in the guise of civilians.....If Libyan case was to save Humans  are not Syrian Civilians Humans ? Why this adopted child treatment with the citizens of this nation.....where are the Human Rights advocates,where are the people whose lips doesn't dry crying Freedom ....why no freedom for Syria ....

Is it becoz there is no puppet personality like Hamid Karzai or Noori Al Maliki for Syria who can take care of Western Interest or there is a threat from Russia or there likes that they will kill US Soldiers and it is the history of US that it always attacks those nations whose retaliation is weak.

Oh Children of Syria remember we are morally with You if no one is helping You there is a creator who is giving some free hand to the oppressors so that He punishes them for there deeds and inshAllah one day Your innocent BLOOD will bring the fruits....... And WEST so called Human Rights and UNO will be exposed.It will be freedom paid from the blood of young and old ,women and children and the future generation will remember you as the Young Martyrs of the Fight.